Multi turn travel

Previously the fleets have travelled from star system to star system in one turn. This was simpler to do and was meant to be only temporary. So I now improved the system so that the fleets can spend multiple turns travelling from star system to star system. Seems like a small change in the videoContinue reading “Multi turn travel”

First “playthrough”

As the game can now technically be played from start to finish, let’s do that. Of course there are a lot of features missing but let’s not mind that. I’m quite happy to be at this point now. I started about a year ago and one goal has been to get the game into thisContinue reading “First “playthrough””

Warmongering AI civilizations

Finally I can show some results of the work I have done in the last weeks with the enemy AI in the star map view. The AI now positions its fleets to defend against enemies and launches attacks in suitable situations. There also is an automatic combat resolver which approximates the result of a combatContinue reading “Warmongering AI civilizations”

Message log

As the combat side is ready enough to play out simple battles against the AI, I moved on to the strategy scene. One big thing to do here is the strategy AI. It can already expand quite nicely but it assumes there is no one else in the game. While I was planning how toContinue reading “Message log”

Cluster tracking

More nice looking technical stuff. Here you can see the movement of different clusters and how they are assigned together every step. This is how the AI will keep track of how the enemy moves and if the clusters split up or merge. Currently this does not depend on how the player has set theContinue reading “Cluster tracking”


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